About School Wellness in OUSD

Our Vision   

All Oakland students, families, and staff will be healthy and thriving in their schools and communities.

Our Mission  

To achieve health equity for Oakland students, families, and staff through the implementation of the OUSD Wellness Policy.

OUSD Wellness and the Policy

OUSD’s school wellness program is centered around the Wellness Policy, which is made up of 9 components. Aligning partnerships, programs, policies and events are offered to schools throughout OUSD. The components of the policy are:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Physical Education and Physical Activity
  3. School Gardens
  4. Comprehensive Health Education
  5. Positive School Climate
  6. Physical School Environment
  7. Access to and Coordination of Health Services
  8. Staff Wellness
  9. Assessment and Communication

For more information on the Wellness Policy, visit the “Wellness Policy” tabs in the middle of our homepage.

For information on other wellness programs, click here.