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Wellness Policy Overview

The Wellness Policy, revised in 2014, covers areas that include healthy food, physical education, health education, a safe and positive school climate, healthcare and social services, protecting the environment, and more. For more information on the policy, click here


Nutrition and Healthy Eating

 Lunches and other meals at school (such as breakfast and after-school snacks) are healthy, appealing, and meet standards for good nutrition. There are food guidelines for competitive foods (fundraisers, vending machines, and snack bars), school events, celebrations, and rewards/incentives. Click here to learn more.

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Physical Education and Physical Activity

Studies show that when children are physically fit, they pay more attention in school, do better on state exams, and stay in school longer. OUSD recognizes the positive benefits of physical education and physical activity for student health and academic achievement. Click here to learn more.


School Gardens

 School gardens can improve student health and wellness, instill the value of healthy eating, increase physical activity, improve student achievement, and create highly engaging, interactive, and hands-on learning environments. Click here to learn more.


Comprehensive Health Education

The District is working toward a comprehensive health education curriculum for all students in grades preK-12. Click here to learn more.


Positive School Climate

The Wellness Policy includes policies and programs to help make sure that schools are safe and respectful places for learning. OUSD is committed to having schools free from bullying, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Click here to learn more.

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Physical School Environment

Students and staff have the right to a safe and secure campus where they are free from environmental and physical harm. Click here to learn more.

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Access to and Coordination of Health Services

OUSD provides a variety of health care services, including nursing services. Many schools have on-site School Health Centers that provide medical, mental health, and health education services for students. At some of these centers, families can also receive health and social services. Click here to learn more.


Staff Wellness

The Wellness Policy calls for providing safe and supportive working conditions for our staff. Our staff are role models for our students and are key to improving the health and well-being of OUSD students. Click here to learn more.